Songs of a Poet

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Have you ever met a man who takes his time? A man so in tune with your energy, your mood, your expression that he knows what you need without an explanation? 
A man who doesn’t push you away when you’re upset or frustrated. A man who knows how to stand with firmness and calm in his masculine while your feminine works it out.
He’s taken time to get to know your mind and your body. He sees you, he listens to the little things, even when you don’t know he’s listening. 
He learned how to connect with your mind and he’s learned how to touch your body. He’s able to slow things down and read your body’s response to his touch. He doesn’t rush, he’s not pleasing you for his own release. It’s for you with no expectation, no pressure, no manipulation, no games. 
You can let go because he’s created a space of absolute respect and trust. He knows when to kiss you softly, when to hold you gently or when to consume your mind and body with masculine power and intensity. 
Only a man who takes his time gives a woman time to experience every level of response, layer by layer, deeper and deeper until her mind, body and soul all explode together. 
Only a man who takes his time can give her a release of what lays caged beneath her surface. And only a man who takes his time will ever glimpse the heights of ecstasy a woman is capable of, her secret remains hidden to all others. ॐ ❤

Art by Lewis Evans